Selfie Station

Create it!

Use our most popular props to create instant fun and have our photo booth without the booth to create instant buzz at your event!

Snap it!

See your photos come to life with our green screen and use your imagination to get that perfect selfie!

Go Ahead Brag!!!

Share it!

Instantly share your Memories via Text, Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Print! Personalize it even further by creating a special caption attached to their photo from your event or party.



Your friendly Selfie Station 

attendant keeps the smiles

rolling and the photos flowing

Social Media

Guests can share photos via 

Facebook and Twitter. 

You can add custom hashtags and captions


Take the fun up a notch with mad props.  Perfect for breaking the ice and bringing out your guest's silly side. Our prop kit includes hats, goofy glasses, boas, tiaras and more.  


Gain an increase in your brand awareness and your online presence as your guests post to social media platforms with your company logo. Add your logo on custom prints and photo backdrops for instant recognition 


 Guests can send themselves their photos right from SelfieStation. 


Guests can text the

picture to themselves

for easy sharing

from their smartphone.

Green Screen

Stand on an elephant, balance on the tip of the Eiffel Tower or swim with sharks.  With our green screen, your imagination is your only limitation 


 A high quality printer allows guests to take home an​ old school 4x6 snapshot in a flash. 

Animated GIF's

 Snap, snap, snap.  We'll take three pictures to animate, so your special day comes to life. 

People Magnet

Selfie Station becomes the epicenter of the event with the boothless photo booth!


Oh, filters, we love you so. We have color, black & white, sepia, cartoon, sketch, & more. Play with the filters until you find the perfect one for your photo.


 Add and subtract features for your event and multiply the fun.